Development Trend of Paper Chemicals

Paper chemical companies are constantly undergoing mergers and reorganizations: In recent years, the development trend of the international paper industry has shown two characteristics: globalization and business coreization. The way to achieve these two goals is to acquire and merge, expand investment and divest non-core assets. Global pulp and paper chemicals companies are continuously reducing the number of companies and expanding their scale through continuous mergers and acquisitions.

The use of papermaking chemicals is developing towards scale, specialization, and serialization: the highly internationalized and centralized trend of the international papermaking chemicals market is closely related to the high maturity and openness of the international capital market. Product suppliers are all listed companies in stock markets around the world. Strong companies can achieve rapid and direct capital, business, and regional expansion through mergers and acquisitions, so as to achieve the company’s globalization, business scale, and comprehensive goals in a short period of time.

At present, except for some products used in low-speed paper machines, papermaking chemicals are basically targeted. Chemical companies will use different papermaking chemicals for different paper grades and different pulps. Even for the same paper type, there will be a series of registered products with different molecular weights or different compositions. These facts show that the supplier has a good grasp of the development of papermaking technology and technology, and also shows that there is a great deal in the early stage of research and development. put in. For example, a company has 7-8 kinds of retention and drainage aids only for newsprint. These products are divided into single-component additives and multi-component additives. Even if they are all particulate retention and drainage aids, sometimes there will be a series of products according to the difference of anion capture agent (cation fixation agent).